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University Of Mysore Alumni Association

University of Mysore Alumni Association

Unlike the alumni association of colleges, a university-wide alumni association has a larger mandate. It seeks to bring together alumni of all the affiliated colleges together for the common purpose of interacting with each other and for working together for the advancement of the University. A University Alumni Association is a multiverse in itself, with a diverse composition of Alumni. The scale of operations of such an association is much larger, with a potential for engaging with hundreds of thousands of alumni.

The University of Mysore, now a hundred years old, has had more than a million students pass through its portals. It is to harness the creative and organizational energies of this large and talented population that the University of Mysore Alumni Association, UMAA, has been conceived.


University of Mysore Alumni Association (UMAA) was registered as an association under karnataka societies registration act 1960 under the name MYSORE UNIVERSITY ALUMNI ASSOCIATION with regn no:104/99-2000 dated 9.9.99. The General body in its special general meeting held on 5th July 2015 changed the name as UNIVERSITY OF MYSORE ALUMNI ASSOCIATION (R). UMAA pursued a three point objective, namely:

  1. Bringing together all the Alumni,
  2. Motivating alumni towards the fields of education and culture, and
  3. To develop a feeling of oneness and fraternity amongst the alumni of Mysore University.

The First Managing Committee was

1 Prof. S. N. Hegde Chief Patron, Hon’ble Ex-Vice Chancellor
2 Mr. R. Vasudeva Murthy President
3 Prof. P. M. Chikkaboriah Vice President
4 Prof. V K Nataraj Secretary
5 Prof. B. R. Ananthan  Joint secretary
6 Mr. M. Mahadevaswamy Treasurer
7 Prof. Shekhar shetty Member
8 Prof. C. Parvathamma Member
9 Prof. Poornananda Member
10 Mr. N. R. Narayanamurthy Member
11 Mr. Ramprasad Member
12 Mr. T. D. Subanna Member

Present Status:

In April 2018, as part of the initiative to commemorate the Centenary year of the University of the Mysore, the Executive Committee of the Association was reconstituted with a mandate to create greater awareness amongst the alumni, drive membership growth, and to create additional programs in order to keep members involved and engrossed.

A 16 member Executive Committee was elected, with the following members and office bearers:

1 Rajamathe Dr. Pramoda Devi Wadiyar Chief Patron
2 Prof. Hemantha Kumar Vice President-Hon’ble Vice- Chancellor UoM, Ex-Officio Chairperson
3 Dr. Vasanth Kumar Thimakapura President
4 Sri Arkesh Immediate Past President
5 Sri Niranjan Nikam Vice President
6 Prof. Vasanthamma Vice President
7 Dr. R. N. Padmanabha Treasurer
8 Dr. Nandini Murthy Secretary
9 Dr. M. S. Sapna Joint Secretary
10 Dr. Krishnamurthy Chamaram Executive Committee Member
11 Prof. Hemanth Achaya Executive Committee Member
12 Dr. Deepu R Chairperson- ICT Committee
13 Prof. K. T. Veerappa Executive Committe Member
14 Mr. Reginald Wesley Executive Committe Member
15 Mr. Abbas Salehbhai Vagh Executive Committe Member
16 Prof. C. Naganna Special Invitee

In June 2015, in a Special General Body Meeting, the following important changes were initiated:

  1. The name of the Association was changed to The University of Mysore Alumni Association – UMAA
  2. The fresh set of Bye-Laws were created with the intention of taking on an expanded role in the interest of members.

Aims, Objectives and Primary Activities


The Alumni Association of The University of Mysore (“Association”) is set up to connect alumni of The University of Mysore (“University”) to The University and to each other, to provide valued service to members of The Association (each, a “ Member”), and to support The University’s mission of teaching, research and service.

Primary Objectives:

The Primary Objectives of the Association shall be to:

  • Foster fellowship and provide a forum to bring together members of The Association for their progress and development.
  • Build an association with The University.
  • Help members to contribute to the development and progress of The University and society at large.
  • To assist and provide opportunities to students, teachers, non-teaching staff and alumni of The University for their academic and professional advancement.
  • Promote education, including special education, and employment enhancing skills at The University and for the Association.

Primary Activities

The Association shall aim to fulfil its Charitable Objectives by carrying out the following charitable activities on a not-for-profit basis:

  • Encourage, organize, promote, sponsor or support lectures, seminars, workshops, competitions, training programmes, institutional courses and similar activities, in respect of topics and personalities in the fields dealt with or adopted at The  University from time to time.
  • Institute and grant awards, scholarships, loans, fellowships and assistantships for students, teachers, non-teaching staff and alumni of The University, as also for students & faculty associated with The University.
  • Seek, canvas and receive assistance, in cash or in kind, by way of endowment, patronage, sponsorship, scholarship, gifts or donations of materials, assets and properties in the name of The Association, especially from Alumni, to enable The Association carry out any or all of the above activities and to fulfil its objectives.
  • Buy, build, lease or rent properties (moveable and immoveable) and premises for the use of The Association and/or The University to fulfil its objectives.
  • Carry out above and any other similar activities jointly with associations, organisations and/or similar bodies for furtherance of the objectives of The Association.
  • Donate educational materials, scientific equipment, instruments, furniture, fixtures, goods and materials to the University or for their staff and students and for deserving alumni.
  • Enable implementation or management of projects, programs and activities for the benefit of The University and  society at large.
  • To maintain archives of diverse forms of content related to the University; and preserve the heritage, memories and values of the University, the city of Mysore, and the regions represented by the University.
  • To recognise distinguished Alumni with the objective of making their achievements a source of inspiration to Association Members and University students.