Overseas Chapter- B N BAHADUR 

The overseas Alumni of the University of Mysore have distinguished themselves in many fields and in many diverse countries. They form a powerful and committed group who have, over the years, not just earned laurels by their achievements, but have also generously given back to their alma mater.

The UMAA intends to create a single platform for the tens of thousands of Alumni outside India to come together to meet the objectives of the Association.



BN Bahadur – Ambassador, Overseas Chapter for the UOM Centenary Celebrations – message for the launch of the alumni reach out program of University of Mysore, 22nd September 2015

As part of the University of Mysore Centenary Celebrations many projects are planned. Please click here for various projects planned.

Please note that part of the donation may be tax deductible.

By becoming an alumni member, you will:

  • Have full access to the UMAA website with member database.
  • Get a special UOM lapel pin.
  • Get exclusive access to the digital resources of the UOM library.
  • Get a special passes to events conducted by the UOM, such as the Nobel Laureate Lecture Series.

Part of the membership dues goes towards the UOM centenary projects

You can subscribe by downloading the membership form below or by online membership while registering on this website.

B N Bahadur Institute of Management Science

Rani Bahadur Auditorium

One of the fine Auditorium in Royal city Mysuru